Nov 4, 2010

Food Porn: Bend, OR: Old Towne Pizza

Location:  118 NW Greenwood Avenue, Bend, OR
Bmwgsgirl's rating:  9 out of 10 (improved beverage choices would earn them 10)
Price:  $$$

Combo #2
In Bend to watch the EVIL DEAD MUSICAL (if you don't know what Evil Dead is, don't bother asking, you'll never be cool enough) we stopped by Old Towne Pizza before the show.  I haven't eaten pizza from a parlor in forever and the last time I did, I wasn't all that impressed.  Lately I'm finding I can make a better pizza at home with my Trader Joe's dough than I can buy.  Given that, my expectations weren't very high.  I figured if I could get the greasy piece of cardboard in my mouth and not choke to death on the dry toppings I'd call the night a win and grab a margarita after the show.  Optimisitc, eah?  

Imagine my surprise when after ordering the pizza what came to us was the most awesome pizza I'd had in years. No joke!  We had two different types, a Canadian bacon with pineapple and a combination number two  (which includes pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, onion, black olive and Italian sausage).  The Canadian bacon arrived first so everyone grabbed a slice.  My first impression:  it was good.  Then the combination arrived.  This is the kind of pizza you almost have to eat with a fork (I know, blasphemy!) because there's just so much going on it that if you pick it up things are going to start falling all over the place.  Not one to ruin a good pizza with table manners, I heaved the slice up with the most delicate of hands and took a bite.  I was rewarded with flavors I didn't expect.   The onions were sweet and played off the spice of the sausage wonderfully.  It was as if some higher power had come down and tailor made the perfect pizza pie just for us. Each bite was as enchanting as the last.  And, despite the fact that I was full and ready to burst, I couldn't stop.  I just had to eat one more.  

"extra" toppings on top!
The pizza server (Rusty, esteemed brother) made a joke about the fifth piece of pizza coming off being the best one since all the "extra" toppings that fell off the others would be on that piece.  Oh lucky day!  I got that piece!  I was in heaven as I picked up the slice, sausage and olives dropping to the plate below, my mouth watering as the cheese and salami joined together to create bliss.  Yummmmy!  

Pizza Heaven is what Old Towne Pizza should be renamed.  I'm adding this place to my list of "must stops" when I visit Bend.  In all fairness, I'm adding them because their pizza rocks.  What I didn't like was their choice of beverages.  No Pepsi!  And, furthermore, they have beer and wine but nothing for those of us who prefer something more know, like a margarita or a Mike's Hard Lemonade.  So, I was stuck with iced tea while everyone else sucked down beer.  Another thing to note is this pizza is not for the man who's looking for a cheap date.  The XL pizza in the combination runs a steep $31.50.  The medium runs $21.15.  I can't help but think of everything else I can get for $31.  Maybe that's the price of pizza these days and I'm just out of touch.  I can tell you this, the price, as steep as it seems to me, isn't going to keep me away.  This is a pizza worth the price.  

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