Feb 22, 2011

TRON: Ducati, My new love....

Tron Legacy Ducati
Ducati Sport 1000

TRON Legacy was a movie I didn't expect to enjoy.  I guess watching it at Kennedy School (McMenanins http://www.mcmenamins.com/427-kennedy-school-home)  helped....trust me beer and a movie is a good thing.  But, what made the movie even more spectacular was the Ducati motorcycle.  I've never really fancied cafe racers but this is a beautiful bike.  Too bad Ducati discontinued it.   Ducati just may be my new love....

Feb 9, 2011

I stopped at the Woodburn Honda/Kawasaki store to inquire about the 4 wheeler that's keeping my dog, Trout, happy running through the fields.   The wheeler isn't starting.  Bums.  The service department allows a view of the showroom...just enough to make you want to look more.  Since I'm pondering a different bike I thought this time I'd check out the showroom.

I walk in and there are a sea of bikes, mostly big Hondas.  But, tucked nicely in the middle is a pod of KLR's.  They still had two 2009 bikes, brand spanking new for a price of $5k.  They also had a green 2008 KLR in tip top shape, traded in by a 70ish year old man for around $3500.  I spoke to the salesman who kept yawning through his speech.  My mind was whirling as I inquired about where I'd plug in my heated vest or GPS.  The poor salesman looked at me like I had three heads.  I explained I've simply grown accustomed to the finer things in life (aka BMW) and wasn't really willing to lose all those luxuries.  

It was around that time I realized BMW has spoiled me.  Heated vest, secure metal bags, multiple trip counters, a fuel indicator light and an automatic switch over to the reserve.   Not to mention a shaft drive which means never having to think about oiling a silly chain.

Surely there is life without a BMW, right?
In what alternative universe is that?  

Feb 3, 2011

Crazy Bikes: Dragon Trike outside of Scappoose, OR

On the way to Scappoose, OR (population 6,392) I spotted this little goody and couldn't pass up taking a photo.  Does it run?  Why was it made?  Oh the mysteries of life...

Where To Go?

 Now that I've convinced myself it's time to leave Salem, where do I go?  The better question becomes, "What can I afford?"...