Mar 7, 2010

"The bigger the bike the more dangerous..."

The other day I was with some people I dragonboat with. I was walking with a guy and we started talking about how I'd ridden the bike to the event. So, like the truly nice guy he is, he agrees to check it out. (Note, he doesn't give a crap about the bike so he IS really a nice guy, although if he did care, wouldn't that be cool...) So we walk over and the first thing he mentions is that it's a BIG bike. I take it off the center stand so he can feel how heavy it is, as I assure him it's not that bad. Afterwards, I put the bike on the side stand since I'm wearing sandals and hey, pardon me but putting the bike on the center stand while wearing sandals is a pain in the arse.

When I was ready to leave I thought,"I'll just throw my leg over!" So I do. And about half way through the maneuver I feel a slight pull in my left upper thigh/adductor muscle/groin area. I ride home and when I attempt to get off the bike, I can barely move the leg. I stand and quickly remove the weight from the leg. I'm hobbling around the bike like a sissy, glad I live in the country and no one is watching.

Even though it's early (7:00 PM) I think, I'll just go lay down and be better in the morning. NOT! All night every time I try to move the leg I'm reminded with a searing pain that I injured my thigh. I wake up non stop and when I stand up, I am forced to hold onto the bed, then the dresser, in order to walk. As I said, Sissy!

I talked to a friend about my issue and he responded with kindness and concern. He sent me a nice email with a photo of a mini bike and informed me that "The bigger the bike the more dangerous the bike." Maybe I could handle getting on and off the mini bike.

Aw, ain't friendship grand.

I still win though. His bike makes his butt look fat.

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