Dec 29, 2010

Rain and Mud? No Worries!

The rain has been here for what seems like months and today we were blessed with intermittent hail and snow.  Not the best weather for riding on two wheels.  In order to get our moto fix Trout and I took our time away from the daily grind to rush through fields of puddles and mud.   I have the luxury of acreage surrounding my house,  40 acres belonging to the landlord (Ivan the Great) and probably more than double that behind Ivan's field.  Since the 20 acres next to me is currently planted with winter wheat I've spent countless hours racing through the unplanted 20,  mud flying off the tires and Trout running like a crazy idiot through trenches made of rainwater.  
She loves those moments in the day when it's just the two of us, the smell of the dirt and grime, the four wheeler splashing through puddles as the water nearly leaves us stranded.  Trout rushes ahead then comes back for me, happy to be allowed to run free through such conditions.

In years past I was riding the GS this time of year, but now I putt around in the company car, unable to find enough time in the day or week to ride more than just to the store.  It is these times on the four wheeler I am reminded of what I am missing.  The freedom, the wind rushing past your face, the smells radiating off the fields.

And it is times like these when I beg for spring to come, for summer to bless us once again.  In the meantime I'm starting to think about the next motorcycle trip that needs to be planned.  Perhaps southwest where the sun beats down?

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