Jan 17, 2011

Moto Gear: What works? Help!

I'm one of those riders who is never without a pair of gloves.  I won't ride without them.  Of course I don't ride without a full jacket, pants and solid shoes either.  I love watching people ride past in the summertime, sleeveless t-shirt billowing in the wind with their equally well planned shorts and tennis shoes.  And I can't get enough of those people who ride with half helmets.  I hate to be a pessimist but to me it's not if you'll go down on the bike but when.   I imagine myself never being able to wear a skirt again since my legs are scarred beyond belief.  Or never wanting to look anyone in the eye again because my face has been previously pulverized by asphalt.  I envision the nurses looking at me as I'm wheeled into the emergency room, shaking their heads and saying, "If only she'd had a real helmet on."   Of course, this isn't something I concern myself with on a daily basis.  I'm just saying, when I ride, I ride protected.

That in itself has become a times, a real Debbie Downer.  I mean when it's 100 degrees outside I do feel like an idiot when those t-shirt wearing bikers ride by.  I'm usually stuck in city traffic, every vent unzipped and still  sweating enough that it feels like I'm in a hot tub.  I try to look on the bright side and imagine how many calories I've literally melted off while waiting for traffic to clear.  Sure makes it easier to handle.  Makes my helmet smell really nice, too.  (Riggghhht)

Trout likes both Aerostitch and BMW
Good gear is important.  But what exactly is good gear?  Everyone has their own opinion and theory.  I need new gear that works, is a quality product, has a shelf life of over one year, fits good and looks good.  Okay, looks good isn't that important but if when I put on a jacket suddenly I look like a movie star, hey, even better.   Do they make gear like that?

I need a new set up but first I need to know what you think works.  Is there a particular brand you like?  A brand you would never buy?  I am currently using Aerostitch Darien pants and a Firstgear Kilimanjaro jacket.  For summer riding with no rain I have an awesome pair of BMW Santiago pants that have been sitting in my closet for over a year or two.  Last summer I decided to give them a try and guess what?  AWESOME!  But, I really need a pair of pants I can wear rain or shine.  And, although I'd love to gear up with all BMW and look like a studette with too much cash, my pocketbook won't support such things.

So, please send your suggestions my way!


  1. I happened on this blog and have been enjoying the read!

    I have the 09 black G650GS and as I don't know many other female BMW riders, it's fun to read your posts!

    I have the Olympia Airglide III pants, and while I haven't had them on in the rain, they seem to do the trick so far for me.

  2. Thanks for reading! Now I have 3 readers (and that number includes my mom! LOL) Would love to hear about any of your moto journeys! The black G650 is beautiful! I was torn between the red and black...the dealer said I could make my final decision when I picked up..and the black had been sold! :( I'll check out the Olympia pants, thanks for the tip!



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