Apr 6, 2011

May 6, International Female Ride Day: Just Ride!

Reviewing One Wheel Drive.net (http://www.onewheeldrive.net/) I happened across their article on May 6th and International Female Ride Day. My thought:  I must research this.  

International Female Rider's Day began in 2007 as a way to get women on motorcycles to "just ride."    What's exciting about International Female Rider Day is that women around the world, including "Canada, United States, Australia, England, The Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Poland, Israel, Qatar, Denmark, and Russia as well as other countries will be contributing to the campaign in compelling numbers."  (http://www.motoress.com/PressReleaseFRDFeb2011.htm).    

On Friday, May 6th take the day off , hop on your bike and ride baby ride! There is no better way to support women and motos!   

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