May 19, 2011

Runkle and

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If you ever see this...STOP!
Hey all, sorry about not writing.  I know my two viewers (Hi Mom and Dad!) have probably been wondering what I've been up to.  Well, Runkle (my new G650GS) has been rarely getting out due to the fact that I injured my foot.  I've been in a walking cast for the last month or so after foolishly attempting to get on a bicycle without hurting the already sensitive plantar fasciitis I'd acquired by going to a boot camp (I swear, I'm too old for that crap).   What did I do?  I overextended the muscle at the bottom of the foot causing a partial rupture of the plantar fascia.  I knew it hurt but finished a 4 mile ride since I was already on then the next day noticed the bruising on the bottom of my foot.  Well, and I wasn't able to walk...that was a sure sign of something!   I called my doctor who made time for me that day (unheard of!).  He informed me I'd ruptured the tendon and would be needing to stay off the foot and use a walking cast for a month!  What the!   So, new shiny bike is in the garage and I'm finally walking without the boot on a daily basis.  Today was the first day of no boot all day and plenty of walking and I'm feeling the pain.  Oh well, learned a valuable lesson:  bicycles are bad.

In my off time I've been attempting to write a bit for an online magazine,  You can check them out now and see my first published article about my bike, Runkle.  Basically I combined a few stories from here and rewrote them to introduce the bike to my ever growing fan base.  (Yeah, I mean the two people who read this and also my friends whom I force to read my stuff under penalty of my singing at the next karaoke night).

So please, stop by  and check out my story about Runkle.  The direct link is here:
More to come as I am able to ride again...Be safe all!

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  1. Ouch, weren't lying! That looks painful...I can't wait to bust out of my cast. I feel SO trapped! Hope you are back on that shiny, new bike very soon. :)



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