Jul 27, 2012

Cutting Edge Illusions

Solomon showing us the beautiful camo tank 
Stopped by Cutting Edge Illusions in Eugene, OR today because Soloman kindly offered to gift a factory finish paint job (valued at $970) for Sunday's Chris Kilcullen Memorial Ride auction.  When I pulled up I wasn't expecting anything fabulous.  I mean, the shop is basically in a row of shops that calling nondescript would probably be too generous.  Small buildings packed in like sardines with little parking available near a Walmart aren't generally impressive.  This was a classic case of what you see isn't really what you get.  Kari and I walked in and told Solomon who were were and that we were there to pick up a donation.  He greeted us with a handshake and a smile.  And despite the fact that the certificate wasn't ready, he started walking us through the shop and showing us what kind of donation he was giving.

And I was blown away.

I'm not really the type to spend money on ANY paint job, I mean, my bike came with paint, that's good enough for me.  But walking along with Solomon, checking out his shop, entering the paint booth and seeing the projects in process, well Solomon slowly converted me to the type of person who has stopped shaking her head and started wondering if my dog's paw print would convert nicely to paint.

It's a small shop with only about four full time employees who wear baseball caps, shorts, and trendy sneakers.  Most of their customers come from outside of Oregon and some pay thousands of dollars for custom paint jobs that will blow your mind.  Now that's crazy!  Or is it?  Solomon let me touch some of the tanks (dirty, no?) and you can really feel the difference between the paint on a factory job versus the customs.  Smooth...baby....smooth.  

The "wall" (sorry, my camera doesn't do it justice)

Cutting Edge Illusions has an impressive wall of samples...from their  factory paint jobs to the show finish which can cost up to $12,000.   They also design and sell some of their own products, like the tail end of a Harley shown below which has LED lights inlaid with custom cutouts...I'm not a real Harley fan but after seeing this I thought, I could ride a boat.  I could.  (I kid! I love you all!)

Edit a photo?  Me?  How much work is that?  This part speaks for itself!!!

Cutting Edge Illusions and Solomon will be at Sturgis, so stop by and see him.  He's an awesome guy who can make your bike the best on the block...or town...or city.   And, well, if you are coming to the Chris Kilcullen Memorial Ride please feel free to browse the auction items...but be kind when you see the Cutting Edge Illusions bid sheet because my BMW, Runkle, needs a new set of clothes.  

Special thanks to Solomon for the tour and for supporting the Chris Kilcullen Memorial Ride.  We couldn't do this without your support.

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  1. Wow. He does awesome work. I didn't know we had a paint genius so close to home. I'll have to remember that one. Thanks for sharing.



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