May 25, 2013

Volunteerism...gets me into trouble all the time....

This week has been WET.  Rain has been spilling down the gutter spouts like tiny rivers and has definitely made me want to stay inside.  So when my fellow volunteers decided to have a booth at  Thursday's Bike Night at Cycle Gear in Springfield, I thought it sounded miserable.  I mean, how many bikes were going to show up in the rain?  We were about to find out.  But first, we needed to set up our booth.

Skylar, Winston Churchill and Kenzi setting up the banner
We've all been going back and forth about this banner holder for a few days.  Sure, I wanted the banner frame made, but I was thinking for the smaller banner, you know, less height, less width, less of a wind catcher.  Imagine my shock and awe when we put the sign on the holder and it worked!  Holy cow, I was trying to figure out how I was going to apologize to the PVC pipe banner designer (who goes by the name of Cardinal) when the wind picked up.  Skylar was standing in front of the booth admiring the sign when all the sudden the sign fell on top of her.  I was too busy laughing to help save her life.  Whew.  We ended up putting the frame next to the tent to stop some of the rain and wind from coming into the tent.  Worked like a charm!!!

We realized burgers and dogs would be served, so the day wasn't a total loss. And, shockingly, at one point the rain stopped and some bikes showed up.  We were lucky enough to sign up a few people for our ride, and one for our party bus!  The free gifts probably didn't hurt our cause.

Skylar decided to take a photo of some of the people who signed up for the ride and they all stood by the downed banner and smiled.  I, being the only one who has a sense of humor, decided to spice up the photo....

Unfortunately, later on Facebook, someone else decided to find their funny bones...and this was posted....

Everyone thinks they are a comedian.

Touché, Funny people....touché!!!

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