Jan 25, 2015

2015? What happened to 2014???

It's January 25, 2015.
I wrote four (4) posts all of last year.  Four.  I'm bad at math, but I'm thinking I could have written more if I'd posted 25 words a day.  Holy crap.

You know what that also means?  I didn't ride more than a few times.  And I didn't take any trips.  What happened?


What a killer that is.  Sometimes literally.  Life brought me a new job which was supposed to allow me for more free time, more flexibility, and more fun.  Guess what?  That green grass I saw while sitting in my cozy cubicle at my quasi state job...well turns out it only looks green when you are looking through cubicle walls and dirty windows.  In reality, there is no grass.  It's almost a completely barren field with tiny little dandelions poking up in patches of green that are less than three inches in diameter.  Don't you just hate it when a good plan goes to hell?

Thankfully, I'm taking a positive psychology class this term for my masters....so instead of being bummed about the situation, I'm being proactive.  I've been trying to find balance between work and play.  That's perhaps one of the hardest things I've ever done.  The worker bee in me says "Work work work."  The larger part of me (yes, I've been packing on the pounds) says, "Life is about what you do, where you go, how you spend those days and how you write those pages."

I have a lovely dog named Trout who is getting older.  It's just the two of us in this world, trudging along together trying to be true to ourselves.  I have terrible guilt about leaving her behind (ok, well it's not TERRIBLE.  I just feel like she's my responsibility and I leave her enough when I have to work that when I'm not working I should be with her.  I'm not medicating myself over it...yet).   Thank goodness I don't have kids...I cannot imagine how anyone shuts that door after saying "See ya in a few weeks!"   I commend you all (for THAT, I'd need medication).

But, we (Trout and I) have reached an agreement.  Didn't know Chocolate labs could talk?  Oh yeah, she can also scream and play mind games.  We are picking up our new toy hauler on Monday.  This means I can load up the bike and the Trout and take both to a fun destination...then I can leave Princess Trout in the RV while I ride off and explore.  It's not optimal, but it's a compromise.  And when you're in love you compromise.  OMG I need therapy and a boyfriend.

So, in 2015 expect to see stories.  Riding stories.  Laughing stories.

I wish you safe travels, great laughter, and sunshine!

Be safe.


  1. Good to hear you are still alive and well.

    Great idea with the toy hauler. Take the bike and Trout, win win.

    Bummer the new job didn't play out as expected. Damn jobs always getting in the way of our fun.

  2. Yes they are! It is unfortunate that we all aren't independently wealthy. If you know someone who is, point them my way. I'll be very low maintenance. lol.



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