Jul 20, 2018

Welcome Back!

Greetings readers (Mom and Dad),

I recently finished my second Masters and now find myself with so much free time I feel like I've just graduated high school and am ready to face the world.  Oh if only it were true.  Man, the things I would do! 

Actually, I took a new job awhile ago (and no, it has NOTHING to do with either of my Masters), but it's a great job..well, really, it's a great job to motivate you to retire.  ahah.  Don't tell my boss I said that.  The people are nice, there's lots of security, and my new boss only micromanages a little.  *Cough. 

Anyway, with all that free time, I've decided to expand my horizons again. Just bought a Sears Allstate scooter...but it's in Texas....so I haven't even seen it.  Still, it's a start. Soon I'll be the queen of over 40 year old geeks and dorks. The world will be mine!  (Insert evil laugh here).

And for your reading pleasure, I'll try to document some of my world take over here.  Stay tuned. 

This time I mean it. 

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