Jul 20, 2010

Canada to Portland, OR July 20, 2010 760 Miles

Bid ado to Surrey, BC this morning around 930AM. Stopped at the liquor store but it wasn't open...waited about ten minutes and decided Mike's Hard Lemonade could be replaced by Tequila and limes.

Rolling in around 3:30 PM means I made good time and the four stops were short enough to not derail my agenda. On the way home I stopped at a new farmers market that boasts barbeque. I stocked up on ribs, beans, cole slaw and a side of pulled pork for later consumption. America at its finest.

When I pulled into the driveway the slice of cheese and bagel I had at 9:00 AM had worn off and I was ready to chomp down on the ribs. Trout was tucked inside the house and didn't bother to say hello until I opened the door. She must not have heard the motorcycle and she barked profusely until she realized it was me...then jumped up on me and kept licking me until I fell on the chair. Dog sitter (Allison) was still at the house and I heard stories about her "dinner" at my house which apparently turned into a drunkfest. She couldn't remember details but it was humorous just the same.

There's something about coming home that makes a trip that much more fun. Turning off the freeway my feet start tingling as I glide past the fields of peas and rows of corn. As I near my driveway I'm welcomed by tall strands of hops reaching toward the sky and the trees wave in the wind as if to ensure I know I've been missed.

I've been entertaining a long trip...quitting the job and just taking a few months to travel around the States just for the pure joy of doing so. I'm not frightened by what lays ahead but by what I may miss while I'm gone...the trees changing colors in Fall, the hop harvest and the tomatoes turning red on the spindly plants in my garden...the Trout kisses and riding the 4-wheeler around the fields, her chasing me or me chasing her, Trout smiles wide enough to fill a heart that's spent a lifetime breaking.

Maybe I'll ride off into the sunset. But even if that happens what I'd be looking forward to most is the homecoming. Because home is where the Trout is and the friends are. Thank you all.

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