Jul 19, 2010

Vancouver BC Day 2

Riding through Vancouver on the back of the Beast heading toward yet another meeting with a friend of a friend I glance up and see the blue sky and the clouds like painted whisps from the Heavens. The sun is slowly fading and my belly is full of a Vera's Burger , more specifically the Canukian Bacon Burger. Yummy. Burgers with another friend of a friend just met earlier at their penthouse loft with a great view of the water. I met Neil from Onewheeldrive.net (http://www.onewheeldrive.net/) and Kevin and immediately thought "Wow, these guys are fun!" Lots of motorcycles in the basement garage and lots of motorcycle gear in the loft yet an amazing amount of personality from both. Best part of the trip thus far as the laughter flowed like fine wine.

On the way back to the hotel I found myself thinking about how people ride. I started pondering the way I ride. I wondered what the best way was. I would assume someone who has ridden more and been more places knows how to ride better than I. I mean, I've been in my backyard essentially. But then I wonder if being all over the world really should be the deciding factor in your riding ability. I mean, it's easier to say someone who has ridden farther is a much better rider than I will ever be...but maybe being a good rider doesn't just encompass where you've been. In my mind it should also include how safe you are, whether the decisions you make are sound and reasonable, and maybe how many drivers you piss off by simply being on the road.

Being all over the world gives someone an automatic gold star, sure. But maybe it's only by the grace of God that they made it that far. And, well, it does give bragging rights that I'll never have. But still, I say it's a bit of a cop out. I mean after all, just because you do something doesn't mean you're good at it.

Just sayin!

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