Oct 12, 2010

Food Porn: Trader Joes: Maui Ribs

Let's talk Trader Joe's (http://www.traderjoes.com/) and their Hawaiian Style Maui Beef Boneless Short Ribs.  The label is misleading to a rib fanatic who's expecting a big thick chunk of beef.  It's not actually a "rib" per say.  It's a strip of meat that's been lounging around in this fabulously fantastic Hawaiian style marinade. These bits of beef are easy to grill and I've found that there's really no wrong amount of time to cook them.  I've bar-b-qued them to perfection, burnt them to perfection, and even undercooked them to perfection.  Seems as though there's no way to ruin these morsels.  Well, I'm sure I'll find a way, but as of yet, nope.  These ribs are good by themselves, with mashers, with chips and especially good chopped up and on a salad.  Rush on out and grab yourself some Maui Beef Boneless.  They will make your head spin like
the Exorcist.  Well, maybe not that much.

Now that I hear Salem is getting their own Trader Joe's, this is probably a good time to mention the cheese.  Trader Joe's has a huge selection of cheeses from all over the country and world at affordable prices.  They have Wisconsin cheddar in sharp, extra sharp, mild and medium.  I'm sorry Tillamook Cheddar, we have been besties for so long, but I've gotta move on to the Wisconsin.  And, I'm even cheating on the Wisconsin with some fancy French stuff that spreads on pita chips and has a garlic and chives.  Yummy.

I know, some of you think Trader Joe's is just for the yuppy rich.  Let me tell you that the prices ARE affordable.  And, if you don't at least give it a try you are surely missing out on something wonderous.  At the very least you have to go try a bottle of $3 buck Chuck (aka Charles Shaw).  It's affordable wine that is made with grapes "largely" from California and is actually good. I hear they've used some Willamette Valley Grapes as well.

So, rush on into Trader Joe's and gets some good, healthy, high quality food.  And, go ahead and bring me some Joe Joes or some wine.  Really, I'd appreciate it.

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