Sep 18, 2011

Salado, TX Mr. & Mrs. Sean Taylor's Wedding 9/17/11


When one of your friends (who happens to be younger than you little...or cough...a lot...cough!)  gets married it is a happy occasion.  That's even true for me, who happens to live part time on Bitter Alley in the town of WhyMarry?  Yesterday my good friend, Mettie (aka Cher) stood before God and all to profess her love for Sean (aka Sonny) Taylor.

The Groom and Groomsmen 

They tied the knot at the Tenroc Ranch ( in small but quaint Salado, TX.  I flew half way across the country with a friend to see the event and I must admit I am glad I did.  The venue was beautiful.  And frankly, I've never been at a wedding where I heard guns being fired in the background during the vows.  But, it's exactly how I imagine my wedding would be if I ever found Mr. Right instead of Mr. Right Now.  The bride and the groom both showed up.   There were moments of laughter, beauty, and my favorite moment:  the Father of the Bride's toast.

Mary Catharine and Delton presenting Mettie to Sean
I was finally able to meet some of the people I've been listening to Mettie talk about for years.  It's always great to put a face to a name.  Or a name to a face.  I've know Mettie for probably 8 years.; we met when we both started working for an insurance company.  I'm still there but Mettie has moved on (a few times) to greener pastures (or brown if you consider the fact that she moved back home to Texas).  I've been lucky enough to watch Mettie grow and succeed through law school, and I've listened to countless stories about boys and men (as she's done for me).  I've had the privilege of watching Mettie in love and in heartache.  Mettie has always been an inspiration to me.  She has always been the one person who I wish I could be more like.  And, truth be told, Mettie is the only person I know of who can wear white on her wedding day and actually deserve to.

Mettie's family is awesome.  Mettie's Dad is a quiet, hardworking man who was smart enough to marry the world's most wonderful woman, Mettie's Mom.  If I could choose my parents, I would choose hers.  They are both friendly, caring, considerate, compassionate, funny, supportive, and accepting.  The toast Dad gave (I may as well just claim them both since they probably aren't going to volunteer) was so beautiful I almost shed a tear.  Wonderful.  Simply wonderful.  Lucky Girl, that Mettie.  Very lucky in love and in family.

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Taylor (aka Sonny and Cher Taylor) Sept. 17, 2011

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