Sep 16, 2011

Texas Part Duex: 9/16-22/2011 Mettie's Wedding

I promise and swear this is my last trip to Texas this year.  I'm in the Austin/San Antonio area with a friend from high school (weird that I've know her for over 20 years and she's still talking to me) to attend another friend's wedding.  If you're the counting type that means I have at least TWO friends!  My first trip in August was on the moto, Runkle, and was to visit Sonny and Cher's place (aka Mettie and Sean's) and they are the happily engaged/soon to be miserable married couple.  (I kid!  Kind of.  Since I've never been married I'm not sure it would be miserable but I do note that most marriages end in divorce so...oh wait, not the thing to mention on the eve of a wedding.)

Anyhoo, my friend Jennifer and I flew to Austin today.  Our flight took us to Seattle first (because I always pick the flight that will ensure I get to see the most number of cities, or, as most of you will recognize, I'm cheap and I don't mind flying in the opposite direction for two hours if it saves me a few bucks).   Once in Seattle we had an hour layover (time to cruise through the airport so we can experience Seattle) where I met this lovely guy sitting next to me.  We bonded because I shared my napkin with him.  I'm nice like that.  It did turn out a little freaky when he stood and continued to talk to us about his pending trip to Tennessee and his road trip back to Oregon with his friend and the friend's two year old Golden Retriever.  I was really interested in talking more about the dog and less about the man and his friend.  My kindness only goes so far.
A big mountain.  (Perhaps Ranier)
The plane to Austin was packed.  I always try to sit behind the wing so I can watch the flaps go up and down and be one of the first people to see the fluids pouring out.  I have this dream of my 15 minutes of fame going something like this:  Television cameras pan in to my beautiful pearly whites as I say, "Well, we were just flying real normal like when all the sudden I saw this huge amount of liquid squirting from the wing and then we dropped about ten feet before the pilot corrected."  In my dream the pilot always saves us and I come out with the best story since I happen to be the only person obsessed with watching the wing looking for leaks.  It's like a public service.  I should get to fly for free because of my diligence.  And, truth be told, I could really use that 15 minutes of fame.
See that weird shaped cloud in the back???

The flight from Seattle to Austin was uneventful except for the stranger sitting next to us, whom I will call "Dick" for obvious reasons.  This man was intent on leaving his cell phone on during the entire flight and even when asked three times to turn it off, he ignored the attendants.  I was about ready to grab that phone and slap him over the head with it since I was frankly frightened.  Fear makes you do strange things.  Surely the plane will go down if even one cell phone is left on.  That HAS to be why they tell us to turn them off.

By the grace of all goodness we flew without a hitch and landed with a few bumps but safely (no thanks to Dick).   Once off the plane we hopped in our fancy Chrysler rental car (I pushed for a convertible but the lady didn't think I was all that entertaining.  I do much better with men who are about 70 and looking for love) and promptly went what I thought was the wrong way.  The GPS and the cell phone's mapping system seemed to be contradicting each other.  The weather, a balmy 92 degrees, was a delight, and with Jennifer driving (and me alternating between whiplash and seatbelt burn due to said driving) I was happy when we saw a restaurant worthy of us stopping.

Our first choice (due to the availability of margaritas) was Chuys.  An hour wait wasn't going to work for either of us since we hadn't eaten all day except around 7 am (the worst airport burrito you could ever experience) and we were hungry enough to eat baby kittens (I'm not too proud to admit it).   We ended up at my favorite place (wait for it....) Rudy's BBQ!

This was Jen's first experience with Rudy's.  I don't think she was impressed with the fact that Rudy's is actually in a Shell Station.  And it's clean and good but not exactly up to her high standards.  But, the service was spectacular (free samples, can I get a horray!) and the guy helping us was adorable (for a twelve year old).

The verdict is in.  Rudy's is "good."  Great.  Fantastic.  Just the review I expected.  "Just good."  Gebus, someone take that girl out and teach her about BBQ and what's good and bad and what is THE BEST DAMN BBQ ever.

Jen's first thoughts on Rudy's  "It''s Good."  Me off camera:  Head hung down in shame.  
Tomorrow we attend a Bride's Brunch in a church (probably Mettie's way of ensuring we don't catch fire once we enter her wedding chapel) and then the wedding at 7 pm.  I'm looking forward to watching Mettie walk down the isle with a man who I think is perfect for her (does he have a brother??).  Jennifer and I are going to head into Austin during the day and see if we can find something pertaining to motorcycles so I can get my "fix."  We passed a Harley dealership on the way here, I shutter to think that may have to do.  Research is needed.

And for those keeping track, the Holiday Inn Express has passed the "Jennifer Test" for bed bugs.  None evident behind the headboard, on the mattress, behind the t.v. or on the night stand.  It has also passed the "BMWGSGIRL Test" and has no bodies under the bed and no peep holes in the ceiling.  Whew.  Who knew traveling could be so high stress???
Truer words were never spoken, written, or slapped across the back of a gas station.   


  1. You ever wonder why when the “full” flaps are deployed the plane (which feels like everything comes to a complete STOP in midair) don’t fall out of the sky?…

    When you venture to Tennessee let me know! Cuz girl I can show you some BBQ joints, and each one is good as the other in their own way!!!!

    Oh… Enjoy the wedding!!!

  2. Millerlite, if I ever get to Tennessee I will let you know, I'm ALWAYS up for good BBQ! :)

    Don't get me started on the flaps! Flying with me is a nightmare, I'm always pointing out what could go wrong! :)
    Thanks for your comments, always like reading them!



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