Apr 8, 2012

Chatter Box Person to Person Communication Device: Huh?

Today was the first ride with my new ChatterBox XBi (http://chatterboxusa.com/).  Wait, let me back up...I've been waiting to buy a bluetooth compatible headset for awhile from a co-worker...who lost the charger...then found it...then lost it...then found it...then finally told me to quit holding my breath.  I just NEEDED a headset so I could listen to my tunes while riding without dealing with cords and earbuds that like to slide out of my fat ears.

A riding pal did some research and  was purchasing the ChatterBox XBi...and like any good for nothing lazy bum I jumped on the bandwagon since the research had been done by someone else.  I even waited for him to install his then politely conned him into installing mine.  So, installation questions?  Yeah, don't ask me.  All I know for sure is it didn't take him very long and he did an awesome job.  (Thanks! You ROCK! Wanna wash my bike now?)

Those of you who know me or have read my blog know I'm very skilled at...eating, drinking, and procrastinating.  Anything technical (you know, like even using your iPhone properly) is lost on me and my patience.  I'm the worst kind of lazy when it comes to anything techno.  I don't real manuals and don't even take the two minutes to watch the YouTube videos showing exactly how to do things.  Much easier to get frustrated and swear and wonder why people make things so difficult.  I did open the box on the Chatter Box...and thought...hmmm...now THIS is why I need a man.  (Oh, sure, I thought of a few other reasons as well, geez, I'm not DEAD.)  

The first thing I noticed about the ChatterBox is the control unit is not as unsightly as I thought it would be.  It doesn't stick out from the side of the helmet and distract drivers in the other lane, which I seriously worried about (I may have had a bit to drink when that thought hit me.)  No, it's actually pretty darn unassuming.

Probably the best thing about the ChatterBox XBi is that I no longer have to deal with putting my helmet on and pulling my darn ear buds out...so I can listen to my tunes while riding, which is something I've learned to love now that I'm able to do two things at once.  Eventually I'm going to try chewing gum, riding, and listening to music.  Baby steps.

You can link two ChatterBox XBi's so if you have a passenger you can communicate while riding.  Or, you can talk to your buddy on another bike...if you are CLOSE.  I'm at a loss to really consider any time when I would need to have a full conversation while riding but still, I allowed my ChatterBox to be linked.  And guess what? It is kind of cool.  No more sitting at a stop light trying to understand hand signals while some dude is screaming at me that he can't hear me.  And, it's pretty awesome to be able to say "see ya later aligator!" as we wait for the stop sign before I turn one way and my rider buddy turns another.

Time will tell if this ChatterBox is a dream come true or just another piece of equipment that eventually leaves me pissed off.  I've already thought of some good improvements...I'd kill for a remote I could put on my bars so I wouldn't have to fumble with the control unit trying to find the right button.  Of course, I'm sure the more I use it, the faster I'll be able to figure out what the heck I'm doing.

I bought my ChatterBox from Motorcycle Superstore on sale for $119.  The ChatterBox unit is fun, functional, and perfect for listening to tunes using the bluetooth on my iPhone.  Once I get really skilled maybe I'll stop accidentally dialing people while riding.  Until then, if you get a buttdial from me, it's actually a helmet dial...and when I'm screaming "Asshat!" it's not at you, but at the guy who just flew past me at warp speed...

Be safe ya'll.

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