Apr 10, 2012

European Motorcycle of Western Oregon: Runkle's 6k Service

There are a few things about owning a BMW that make me cringe.  One is the Charlie and Ewan references (and I LOVE Ewan.  I would travel across the WORLD to hook up with him....I mean to go on a ride...I mean, a motorcycle ride with him.) The second, most terrible thing in the entire BMW universe, is SERVICE TIME.  I mean, really, why IS it so expensive?  Geez.  I keep telling myself, "If you bitch about the price of service and maintenance, clearly you shouldn't own that particular bike.  Get yourself a nice KLR and live on the cheap!"  I should.  I totally should.  But I never will.  I mean, there's always the chance of Ewan driving through town and stopping me simply because I'm on a BMW.  Riiggghhht.

So Runkle needed his 6K service (I think I'm ringing in around 6480 but who's counting) and since I moved to Eugene, I had no choice but to try out a new shop, European Motorcycles of Western Oregon (http://www.emcwor.com/).  I bought my bike at BMW Motorcycles of Western Oregon, which is reportedly owned by the same chaps who own the Eugene store.  But, get this, it appears as though EVERYTHING IS SEPARATE.  Which, really, makes sense.  Until you have an issue.

When I bought Runkle he had a minor paint chip on the tank.  No big deal.  They (BMWOR, TIGARD) were going to fix it during my 600 mile service.  But they didn't.  So, they said they would catch it on the 6K.  Well, 6K happened and I was in Eugene.  No problem, right?  Same company.  Life is never that easy.  The service department in Eugene (David) did a good job of communicating what they wanted to do...which was to send the bike away for 3-4 days to get the spot repainted and blended.  Great.  Unless I want to ride.  I decided it wasn't worth the down time when it's just a tiny chip, and inquired about just getting a discount or something on merchandise or the service I needed.  Um, yeah, sure.  That's a possibility.  If I, operative word, I, call Tigard and chat with them.  Oh and I'd have to purchase whatever it was at the Tigard shop.  In Portland.  Two hours away.  Sweet Baby Jesus, what a pain in the arse.

Long boring story short, I'm getting a discount on tires, which Mr. McHotMoto, my Portland pal, explains,  means I'm getting them at internet prices.  Very uplifting.  (Looks like there's a discount to be had here, anyway...if you are in the Eugene area, check this out:  http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Redline-Headlines----Spring-is-in-the-air-.html?soid=1104746721083&aid=-8X6046JxjE)

For my issue, BMW of Tigard says they will pay the mounting/install fees, which reportedly run around $50 a tire.  Well, that's all dandy grandy.

Both stores could have told me to pound sand, but instead they were friendly, cooperative, and willing to go the extra mile (once I spoke to the right person in the right store).   So, I am giving them a thumbs up.

My major complaint from today (and you knew there would be one) is that today was DRY.  Not a raindrop in the sky until I was heading over to pick up the bike.   On the way home, it rained so much I had water dripping down my .... oh never mind.  You'd think I would have been prepared and brought the lining of my jacket?  Um, no.   Maybe it was my "sweet baby Jesus" comment???  Naw, it was raining before that.

Be safe.

FYI:   My service ran about $370 (minus the oil change).

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  1. Oh good god. Everything there is at least 40% more expensive. There are a lot of BMW people out there that can help you on the cheap, let's talk!



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