Jun 19, 2013

Blogging....and free speech

It's all about looking in the mirror and not being ashamed of the face looking back.
Hey all,
I wanted to let you know that I have temporarily removed my last blog post....but if you read it, my words were true and meant only as an update for my blog and not as a way to anger anyone.

Sponsorship is one of the most difficult things to obtain....it should be easy if your cause is worthy, but in this economy, people are hesitant to offer money.  Some companies talk big, get on board with what you've discussed initially, then waffle at the end trying to save money.  When you call them on it, ask them to clarify what they will provide and remind them of expectations already agreed upon (but still give them an option so they can limit their expenses) they run away.

Some companies leave you hanging and then, when public outcry occurs, they rush back in and claim they never did anything wrong and instead, everyone else did.  They ignore the truth and think if they just throw enough money at something, the problem will go away.

Guess what?  There ARE more important things in life than money.  Not everyone is willing to cave in and forget the way they were treated, led astray, and practically bullied into something in order for a company to save face.  Sometimes there's a high road to be taken, and that's what this is about.  It's about taking a moment and remembering what we stand for, what's important, what type of organization we are, what type of people we are, and what type of organization we want to work with in order to move forward.

I say, "WE" but frankly, I speak for myself here and no one else.  Others may or may not agree with me, and that's fine.  But know this:  a company should not have to be forced into doing the right thing.  Companies speak with their actions.  Companies are judged by the way they treat people, by their customer service, and frankly, should be judged by what they do for the community in which they reside.  As a consumer, that's what I'm looking for, and that's what YOU should be looking for.

In closing, I want to add that this topic is one that elicits passion, sometimes anger, and often disappointment.  However, I would ask that anyone who has a position to take draw the line by their dollars instead of posting on social media about injustices and getting involved in a Facebook war of words.  We don't need that, you don't need that, and the drama of it all is just too damn draining.

The BEST thing is, that some companies are awesome.  Those companies work with you every step of the way, share your passion, interest, morals, and mission.  Those are the companies I'd like to be in partnership with.  Those are the companies that matter.

So, on a sidebar, THANK YOU, European Motorcycles of Western Oregon for being one of the companies that matter.   You make life better because of everything you do.

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  1. Well stated. As someone who responded out of outrage at what I knew to be transpiring, I inadvertently contributed to an already negative situation...which is now being spun defensively, of course. It is what it is. Lesson learned. (Karen Rhoads)



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