Aug 7, 2013

Las Vegas Day 1: August 4, 2013

Lou and I are in Vegas for our 2nd Annual Summer Retreat.  Oh yeah.  Nothing like a few days in 104 degree temperatures to make you appreciate good ol' Oregon.  We decided to fly this time instead of spending 14 hours in the car, which was awesome...until we got to the airport.

Let me give you a quick run down of what our first day was like:

Airline:  45 minutes to boarding pass. What happened to the air conditioning? Why didn't we print the              passes at home?
Plane ride:  Seats with no baggage area stow baggage four rows behind.
Depart plane:  Wrestle with old people to get back to baggage. Damn it's past my bedtime.
Rental car:  45 minute wait.  What?  No cars?  I reserved on Travelosity. Crap.
Ride to hotel:  How many wrong turns have we made?  Why did I forget the GPS?
Dinner:  Burger King. Pulled Pork?  No sweet tea?  Geez.
Hotel:  Off the strip, a perfect place. Second year there.  Still in love with it.  Smells like cigarettes.                Old people everywhere.  Makes us feel young and spry.

The blog posts that follow are going to bore you to death.  Be prepared.  Don't say I didn't warn you...

Vegas, Baby...

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