Oct 27, 2011

Scotland/Ireland: 10/27/2011: Edinburgh, Scotland Day 2

Day 2 of Edinburgh.  Basically we walked around all day.  Did the National Scotland Galley, Edinburgh Castle tour, the Royal Mile of shopping hell, and did a paranormal underground tour.  Jen is currently reviewing all her photos taken in the underground tour and pointing out all the little orbs.  So far she's decided she has a miniature ghost in a bolo hat.  I told here there were probably a lot of those around in the 1800's so I'm sure she should submit her photo to the company.  Yep.  Totally going to hit it big with that one.  She should probably put a downpayment on a yacht right now, it's such a sure thing.  Yep.  For sure.  Totally.

My favorite piece at the National Scotland Galley was a piece which depicted the beheading of St. John the Baptist, called The Feast of Harod.   I'd show you a photo but I would probably be sued.  The artwork features a lavish dinner party and Salome, the daughter of a woman I'll call "Crazy Wench", presenting the head of St. John on a platter to said Crazy Wench.  Crazy Wench is reaching out with a fork to puncture the tongue which represents Crazy Wench's revenge for St. John speaking out against her.   (Hmm, there are a few people I'd like to see with their heads served on a platter for the similar reasons.   Maybe that's why the art piece resonated with me.  Of course then I'd be Crazy Wench and I prefer the name Psycho Bitch.)   I also enjoyed the Monet (Poplars On The Epte, 1900).  It was quite interesting to learn he actually started the artwork from a boat and then ended up having to go in with a lumber company to purchase the trees so they wouldn't be harvested before he finished the painting.  What devotion.

Edinburgh Castle
 Edinburgh Castle was, well, a castle.  There was lots of rocks, brick, cobblestone streets, and tourists.  There was a huge gun, a maze that lead you to the Scottish crowned jewels, and an empty apartment where the Royals stay when they want.  (Apparently their furniture is so beloved they bring it with them.)   Also on site was a huge building dedicated to all Scottish who fought wars, current and long forgotten.  There were books lining the walls with the names of each dead Scot.  Talk about a true "book of the dead."  It was nice to see such a tribute.  I'd show it to you but out of respect there are no photos allowed. (No, really, I didn't take any even though I normally buck the system.)

Me, climbing on the walls at the Castle.  Just call me "Dangerous."   

Graveyard, for those dumb mofo's who couldn't figure that out.  
After the Castle we walked again on the Royal Mile (I can't seem to get away from this fake mile) until we reached the Royal's quarters at the opposite end.  During this walk we stopped and ate lunch at a reported haunted pub.  (No sightings but I did eat one of the worst cheeseburgers I've ever had.)  We also toured a cool graveyard where there were no tourists but were lots of old looking tombstones, standing and already fallen (so I didn't really have a lot to work with when wanting to knock any over.  I'm kidding!  I only vandalize in the States).  We stopped in at a purely tourist trap which showed the history of the people of Scotland from the early days to current.  It was free.  Which should tell you a lot about the quality.  But, it was a good way to see where all the dust in the country has gone.

Finally, to end our day we did the paranormal tour.  Am I a believer?  Depends on what you are really asking.  Do I believe in ghosts?  Yep.  Ghosts of boyfriend's past and prior mistakes haunt me all the time.  Do I believe in spirits?  Yep, especially vodka and tequila.  Do I want to tour the underground lair of a possibly fucked up and pissed off psychotic dude who's been dead for over 100 years and is known by Mr. Boots?  Nope.  Not really.  Do I have any desire to see a woman dressed in black and covered in blood who reportedly abuses pregnant women?  Sure,  that part sounds fun.   But, bottom line, if ghosts exist I'm okay with them not being near me, not knowing I'm here, and letting me go on my merry way.  Ignorance is bliss.  And I'm all about bliss.  

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