Feb 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Runkle!!!

Runkle enjoying one of the many covered bridges around Lowell, OR
Have you heard the news?  Gas prices are going through the SKY!  Heading to the MOON!!!! RUN!  RUN!!  ARGGG!!! The TERROR!!!

Whatever. I'm not worried.  I've got a backup plan: my BMW G650 GS (aka Runkle).   I scored Runkle a year ago from BMW Motorcycles of Western Oregon (http://www.bmwor.com/).  We've been pretty close since we hooked up, although this year we are hoping to do more, go more, see more.   Last year we went to Texas and this year we are hoping to do something equally exciting...but I'm not sure how much time we'll have together for extended periods.  May have to make due with long weekends and one week long camping trip.  First, Runkle needs a tune up...and since I'm in Eugene now, we're going to head on over to BMW Motorcycles of Western Oregon's sister company,
European Motorcycles of Western Oregon (http://www.emcwor.com/).

Runkle gets great gas mileage and Runkle carries a big load...especially with my Giant Loop (http://www.giantloopmoto.com/products/great-basin-dry-bag) dry bag on the back.  Seriously, this bag is awesome.  It is just the right size for my camping pad and my tent.  I'm sure I could get more into it, but I travel with a two man tent...and a fluffy camping pad...comfort is my top priority.  Comfort and keeping my stuff dry... which the dry bag and tank bag really do.  It's a nice change to actually have some gear that does what it claims.

Runkle at Valley of Fires Recreation Area, near Rosewell, NM 
Most the time I don't need to carry a big load and instead my awesome Giant Loop tank bag (http://www.giantloopmoto.com/collections/giant-loop-gear-collection/products/fandango-tank-bag) provides me more than enough room.  I LOVE LOVE the map pocket and the fact that it keeps things dry because there is a zipper on the inside to keep the map secure.  And, guess what?  My personal protection device (aka Glock) fits snuggly inside as well.

Giant Loop tank bag...one sweet bag!!!
My year with Runkle wouldn't have been complete without the goods I was sporting from Giant Loop.  Bonus:  they are an Oregon company...in Bend....and these guys know their riding.  They've actually got an awesome BMW G800GS that makes me jealous every time I see it.

Runkle hanging out at Big Fall Creek, OR

This last year wouldn't have been as swell without my Aerostich AD-1 pants (http://www.aerostich.com/ad1-motorcycle-pants.html).  I wore these pants in 109 degree temperatures and through storms that would have made a lesser bike stop and wait it out.   Not once was I disappointed...I love these pants like I love my dog.  (And I really LOVE my dog!)

Near Lake Powell...with the blue ribbon from the 2011 Kilcullen Memorial Ride.   
My shameless plugs are a way for me to say "THANK YOU" to those who supported Runkle and I through the last year.  Giant Loop, Aerostich, and BMW Motorcycles of Western Oregon all helped make my first year with Runkle be one of my best.

Here's to many more wonderful years together.  Happy Birthday, Runkle!!!!


  1. Ah, this is awesome! It's so good to hear something like this. Gear that works, a bike that's exactly right, and so on!

    Way to go!

  2. Hey, I know that bike!

    Looks like you've had a great year with Runkle and you're looking forward to more. We're here in Eugene and Corvallis respectively, you should contact us and join up with us for a ride one of these days!

    - K & D

  3. A ride would be awesome! We should hook up cause I've forgotten where everything is...so I could use a direction! :)

  4. good tips on the packing and camping gear. I'm in S. Florida and trying to outfit my BMW K75S for some long-distance camping trips. what tent are you using?

  5. Doh! Sorry about the delay! I have a couple different tents I use...one is a TINY North Face one person, which makes me feel claustrophobic. I usually use a two-person REI tent because it packs small (just a tiny bit bigger than the North Face) and it is really roomy. Just don't forget a pillow since that's the only thing I ever really miss!!!




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