Mar 8, 2012

Bridges, Bikes and Boys!

Just got back from a small ride around Fall Creek/Lowell.  There's a steak on the barbie and I'm ready for a margarita to toast my blessings.  Thought it would be fun to check out some of those places I haven't seen since I moved away...and geez how 20 years have changed things.  Covered bridges that were closed back in the day have been restored...but the paint hasn't taken away those memories from long ago.

There were big bridges....

Pengra Bridge
Unity Bridge, near the world famous Fall Creek Tavern (ok it's not famous).
And little bridges....

One of two small are there tiny bridges??

Lookout Point
I stopped by Lookout Point, where "back in the day" (sucks I'm now old enough to say that) many a night we ended up and did some things I don't think you should know about.   I took some photos of Runkle and saw a boy (who I will call Muddy Cute Dude) who had just finished a mountain bike ride.  His face was mud splashed (duh) and his smile was wide.  We started talking and I'm so totally sure that he fell in love with me (or maybe it was the bike?).  He showed me his bike and I showed him mine (sounds a little dirty, eah? They were!).  His has fancy 20 inch wheels and a frame that weighs 18 pounds!  My side bag is more than that!!!  When we parted ways I felt a bit of sadness, considering what may have been.  That's the great thing about being single...there's always a chance for "what may have been".  And of course, that's always better in my mind!

I stopped at my old high school to take some photos and as I was getting back on the bike, Muddy Cute Dude (MCD) drove by in his truck and honked...and I am sure, just so totally sure, that had I jumped on my bike and chased him down he would have asked for my number (or more likely called the police).

I then rode to my Dad's house, where he had to point out the four bikes in his garage were "real" bikes and the BMW (Runkle) in the driveway was not.  Now why did I move home again???  I asked him how he liked the trip to Texas last summer on his bike and he was reminded his bike didn't leave town.  Aww, it's the little things.
Bikes in Dad's garage...the one on the table is a custom job by my Dad...
It's supposed to rain again tomorrow and all through the weekend.  March will soon fade away and before we know it, summer will be covering us with sunshine.  Get ready, people, it's almost time to RIDE!!!

(And you know I'm going to be riding to Lookout Point looking for MCD and his bike...)   Stalk much?


  1. Love the bridges. Also love your Dad's garage. Can I be adopted, please?

  2. I'm sure he would love to adopt you...but it would help if you didn't have a BMW. :)

  3. I think I already like your dad ;-)
    How many bikes does he have? I like your bike, I wish my wife would ride something like your GS.



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