Mar 10, 2012

I rode because the birds said to. No, I'm not crazy. Not much.

Friday we had a break in the clouds in Eugene, OR.  This was actually the second (and reportedly last) day of sunshine for awhile so I did what any self respecting rider would do...I rode.  I rode to work and noted the blue skies in Lowell and the fog and gloom in town.  I parked the bike at work, a little cold but still harboring high hopes for the day.  Each time I walked outside I saw Runkle sitting all alone, the sun making the paint glisten and the longing in my heart becoming intense.  Finally, I couldn't take any more.

That's BLUE sky behind me!!!!
Around 1:00 PM the birds were singing to me, "Ride! Ride! Ride!"  I'm sure it wasn't my imagination...normally the voices in my head say other things like,  "Don't cut him" and "He's so precious!"   So I did what any self respecting, voice hearing chick who rides a motorcycle would do...I rode!!!

I geared up and took off.  I was rewarded with an awesome ride...home.  Geez, working for a living bites!!!!   Of course, my patience and kindness to the Universe (shut up naysayers) paid off and I was able to take off early and hit the road again!!!  (Tomorrow I will be typing like a fool making up time but trust me, it was worth it!)

Ya'll remember I grew up around here?  Well, I moved away in 1998 and haven't been back.  In fact, I am not sure what I'm doing here now.  Anyway, I don't know where to ride so when someone suggested Camp Creek Road I figured, "Why not?"  From Springfield I followed a Squid (Stupid Quick and Dead) bike to Marcola Road and rode the 8.7 miles of curvy goodness to the town of Walterville.  Walterville is not impressive and in fact, makes Lowell look like a bustling metropolis.  From Walterville, it was back on Camp Creek Road as I tried to keep up with the Squid with more experience and more courage (and maybe less of a concern about crashing because I KNOW his front wheel came off the pavement at least twice).  We hopped over to McKenzie View Drive and rode into town.  Camp Creek Road and McKenzie View Drive are both excellent little jaunts that don't take very long but are very rewarding.  Twists, turns, and a great stretch along the river. WIN WIN.  Of course, the ride home was a bit of a drag...rush hour traffic on main roads...BLAH BLAH.   The Squid and I parted ways before I hit the freeway and as he rode away I couldn't help but hear the voice in my head, "He's so precious! I wonder if he has a dog!!!"  Thanks Squid, for the great ride! Maybe I'll run into you again...

At home, I had just enough time to change clothes and to kiss Trout goodbye (why, yes, she was a little pissed off) as I rushed off to a friend's house for a BONFIRE and a birthday party!  You got it!! The first bonfire of the season and we NEEDED it.  The darkness had caused a severe drop in temperatures and as we all sipped (not gulped) our beverages (you know, soda, limeade and the sort), we huddled near the fire and ate pulled pork sandwiches.  Everything was groovy, even when (or especially because) we convinced Brad to jump over the fire.  (Warning:  Kids do not try this.  It's not funny at all. Really.)

Unfortunately, all good days must come to an end just as the sun must set.

This wasn't just a good was awesome.  It had everything a moto chick could ask for:  Lots of laughter, good friends, awesome food, and motorcycles.

I think I may start listening to the birds more often.

Me:  "What's that?"
Birds:  "You should have a margarita."
Me:  "Well, if you say so."

Well, you heard the birds.

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