May 19, 2012

What's in your jacket???

I'm probably too late to play along but Trobairitz' Tablet ( put out a blogger challenge to show what's in our pockets.   I have to admit, I normally don't leave things in the pockets and most the stuff I carry is kept in my sidecases or tank bag.  What a mess that is.  Wait, so is this.  

This is what I found:

Gas receipts:
8/11/11:  Nephi, UT
8/11/11:  Salina, UT
8/11/11:  Jerome, ID
8/11/11:  Willard   (where the heck is Willard?)
8/11/11:  Ontario, OR
8/12/11:  Christmas Valley, OR
8/12/11:  LaPine, OR
4/2/12: Springfield, OR
4/13/12:  Springfield, OR 

Three packs of earplugs (which I never end up using)
DMV notice of transaction submitted page
Spare keys for bike and luggage
Two packs of Uvex fog eliminator (again, never use)
Wad of kleenex

Pretty boring.  

Aww, the sweet memories of 8/11/11.  I think I rode so many miles that day because I was rushing to try to get home after a two week ride.  I missed my bed, my dog, and even my car by that time.  I have no idea why I've left those receipts in my pockets...maybe to remind myself that there's life out there beyond the stressors and drama of work.

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  1. Good stuff Jess. Just think of the walk down memory lane while going over the old receipts.

    Thanks for playing along on the challenge. It's never too late to join in the fun.

  2. Now, that is different... I guess you haven't stuffed the receipts back in where you found them, or did you? ;-)

  3. Naw, I stuffed the receipts in a desk drawer where I will continue to ignore them until I move and throw them away. I'm lazy like that!

  4. Well, at least you have a scrap of paper to write on should you ever need one :)



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