Mar 20, 2011

Bike Hunting Saga

With the Beast gone I've spent a fair amount of time thinking about motorcycles and going through what can only be described as moto-withdrawl.  I started watching gas prices and freaking out about having to someday drive my gas hog of an Xterra back and forth to town.  I was planning trips to the grocery store based on the least amount of gasoline consumption all the while hearing a voice inside my head screaming, "why did you sell your bike, you idiot?"  

Idiot indeed.  The voices inside my head and the empty spot in the garage gave me extra motivation to investigate bike options.  I thought surely I'd skip the BMW this go round since I was tired of the expense of maintenance and determined to prove I could live without a BMW.  I went to a local bike shop that sells Kawasaki's, Suzuki's, Yamaha's and all those other brands that most the time I just ignore.  I met a great salesman who obviously hasn't spent much time with female riders.  He first suggested if I were going to get a dual sport I'd best be suited for the Kawasaki KLR250 (250???)  as it would be easier for me to ride and probably accommodate all of my needs and wants.   I smiled politely and pretended to have real issues getting onto the thing so he could flex his manly muscles and help me hold up the bike.  While I sat on it (in flip flops no less since I didn't want to intimidate the salesmen) I told him I recently rode a 1200 BMW so I thought maybe I could handle a little more power than a 250.  Maybe.  I mean, if I were really really careful.

Jack (not his real name but since I would like to rename him to Jackass it seems the most fitting) then showed me some other bikes.  I sat on about 15 bikes that he carefully pulled away from the other bikes for me to throw my leg over.  He was even kind enough to stand with his legs on either side of the front tire and hold the bike while I was on it, "Just in case and for my safety".   I asked him once if he thought I was going to drop it and I started using my arms to toss the bike back and forth between my legs.  I thought he was going to crap his pants.  The bike was light and I was touching flat footed on the ground with about two or three inches of gap between me and the seat when I stood so I figured there would be no way for me to drop the thing.   Jack didn't have as much faith.  Poor sap.

Tiring of messing with Jack and getting treated like a chick who doesn't know a motorcycle from a lawn mower, I decided to get into specifics with Jack.  How many miles can I expect to get from a particular bike earned the response of around 44k.  44k?  My BMW would have gotten 144k.   What about service costs?  Around 200-250 for the full work up.  Now that's what I'm talking about!  What would you buy?  Jack moves over to the VStrom and says he actually has one that's bigger but I'd fit perfectly on the 650.  Look at the beautiful pealized paint.  Oooh  awwww.  

Turns out I don't like Jack much. But he has convinced me of one thing.  I'm putting my hard earned money into a bike that will last, has a great reputation, and is known the world over as an awesome dual sport.

I head over to BMW Motorcycles of Western Oregon ( where I'm sure I'll find the dual sport of my dreams.  



  1. I intend to get a lot more than 44k miles out of my Suzuki, but I guess that's impossible as it's not a "premium" brand, right?

  2. If you wish to drive motorcycle and cut off your fuel budget. You have in the right turn to buy motorcycle and use it as your transportation. Oil hike is still increasing that's why it was very important to budget your money. Better to switch in motorcycle for less consumption of fuel.

  3. Stacy: I think he was talking about the Suzuki but it was a specific bike, I can't remember which one. It was a "squid" bike, one of those fancy crouch rockets. It was awesome and I was seriously thinking about buying it...I have no idea if he was joking or not, maybe trying to get me to buy a more expensive one????

    BPCO: What I will save in fuel costs alone make the maintenance on the bike worth the expense, regardless of the brand! I much prefer the lower maintenance costs!



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