Mar 27, 2011

The Perfect Accessory: A fantasy Giant Loop Tail Bag, "The Trout Tail"

"Charlie Brown's" F800GS
"Oh God!  It's starting to rain!"  That's what the man said.  But imagine it coming from Charlie Brown and you'll get the flavor.  It was entertaining but more so, shocking.  This big, tough man living in Oregon concerned about a little rain!  Imagine!

We were standing outside BMW of Western Oregon ( talking about his BMW F800GS, a beautiful bike three years old with luggage that was my current envy.

I've been riding around on my fancy new G650GS and pondering luggage.  My first trip on the bike made me realize I needed something.  That feeling was exemplified on my second trip as I was headed to downtown Portland to go paddling (dragonboat dork, yep).  I had  fancy paddle bag strapped around my body (one end in the air and the other flapping against the bike), a personal flotation device with a rain jacket, Teva's, and a pair of rain pants bungee corded to the back.  Too much stuff and no where to put it, in the pouring rain.

Ocelot 17 liter tail bag
What I really need is something like what Charlie Brown has.  I mean, that bag...he says it was only $80 and it expands.  But, security?  Nil.  I mean someone can just come and take the thing off and walk away.  And it's much too large to be packing in and out of my office downtown from the parking garage.  Maybe I need hardcases.  Jesse Bags are only around $1000 and they offer security...but they won't come off easily.  I think this time around I want something that will be removable so I don't have to pack around that extra weight when I'm not using it.  The Giant Loop bag would be great, but at times it's too big, especially to throw on when it's not in use.  I think I've come to the conclusion that my ideal bag would be able to scrunch up into a smaller bag...maybe fit in a tail bag that has a strap that I could easily remove and carry with me when I go into stores.  But, if I'm putting a bag into a bag why not just use the tail bag?  I have one, a Ocelot 17 liter tail bag that has about four rides on it.  It's in perfect condition except the huge seam rip out that occurred the second time I used it.  I would have returned it but I kept it in the closet for about six months before I made that second trip with it.  Way past return time.  I've been stuck with this great bag of crappy quality for years.  Sides, in Oregon I really want something waterproof.  The Ocelot came with one of those black bags you can slide over it when the rain starts.  What a pain.

Maybe what I need is a Giant Loop ( quality tail bag.  Something for those days when I don't need all the space of the Great Basin but need more than the tank bag or the Coyote can offer.  You know something waterproof with nice zippers (or roll down top, I won't be picky), strong material that comes in awesome colors.  About 17-20 liters with some height, a couple external pockets, and bungees or straps holding it down for quick release and easy access. Is that really too much to ask for?


Maybe Giant Loop could at least consider it if it's not already on their list.  I mean, I am more than happy to offer up a name for it:  The "Deschutes Tail Bag."  The name is in support of the mighty Deschutes River in Bend (where Giant Loop is located).  I was going to go with the "Trout Tail Bag" (in honor of my Chocolate Lab, Trout and of course, the fish that comes out of the Deschutes) but I figured that may be pushing it a little.

I think I'll shimmy over to the truck stop and see if I can pick up some trucker's tarp.  Someone's gotta have an industrial sewing machine, right?

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