Jul 30, 2011

Ride Log 3: Texas Bound

Tomorrow I hit the pavement towards Bend, OR to stay overnight in comfort before pointing Runkle southwest to Texas.  I should be running around putting the finishing touches on my packing and planning but instead I'm resting while Trout sleeps.  I listen to her as she dreams and watch her legs twitch, only imagining what could be going through her mind.  She has no clue as of yet that I'm off for two weeks and I'll leave her behind.  Once I start packing there will be no denying it and she'll get all frazzled and confused.  I like to think my procrastination is just helping her stress levels stay down.
View from my back porch

In truth, I want to ride but I am being lazy enough to think it will be easy to just throw some stuff in a bag and head off.  I'm sure in an hour I'll be running around like a crazy fool.  Right now, I am enjoying the morning, the sun warming my legs, the wind rustling the trees and the sounds of birds fluttering.  This moment is what I've been searching for in life.  Just this single moment with a devoted friend (who happens to be a dog) and the peace that surrounds the stillness.  

 Trout: Best Friend, Alarm Clock, Sympathizer, Enabler, Garbage Disposal and Bird Chaser.
Soon enough, I will be off on the moto toward the BMW shop yet again, to exchange and obtain the correct part to enable my camera to work on the bar mount of Runkle.  Then I'm sure to have hours of rushing around, attending to details that should have long been attended.

Enough, huh?  One more look at the view.

I'm off to plan what should be planned.

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