Nov 4, 2011

Ireland/Scotland: 11.4.11: Edinburgh to Dublin to Belfast

A heart with a view of the Abbey
I've missed a few days.  What you missed was us driving around Scotland, visting historical sights, taking photos of abbeys and chapels and castles.  We visited Melrose Abbey, in Melrose, Scotland, and stood before the burial place of Robert the Bruce's Heart (Scottish King who defeated the English army in 1314).   What happened to the rest of him I have no idea, and frankly don't think I care to know.  The Abbey was awesome.  I was wondering if I could rip some men's hearts out and bury them...then I realized I've already done that (but for some strange reason those men are still walking around...sorry,  W).  

We stayed in a castle (shocked?) for two nights on the outskirts of Edinburgh and drove to a few attractions that were closed...hmmm how's that spreadsheet treating us?  OMG, I haven't mentioned the 7000 cell spreadsheet Jen did, have I?  Well, seriously, even if you don't bring Jen on your trip, have her plan it.  Just be prepared to listen to her bragging about how great her spreadsheet is the whole time.  Geez.  (Yes, I will admit, it's been helpful...there, I said it.)

There are a lot of great photos from many you haven't seen and will probably never seen.  Jen is posting a lot of them, and shockingly her friends are commenting on how much they like her photos.  She sits now on the hobbit bed near mine, talking about how her friends are commenting on how great the photos are, then pouting a bit as she then says, "You took that one."

Oh snap.  "You took that one, too."  (My ego can't take any more of this, really, someone stop her.  I don't know how I'm going to fit my head through the doorway.)  

Edzell Castle in Edzell, Scotland

This morning we flew to Dublin.  We got the airport for our 8:20 am flight at around 6 am.  By 6:20 we were sitting in the waiting  And waiting...and waiting.  We did get to see one woman cry, plead, beg, and then try the tears again when she was not permitted to hustle down the runway after they closed the doors...after paging her about ten times.  That was entertaining.  Kind of made me want to walk over and tell her to shut the hell up and stop crying...but that's just me.   I have a feeling there were others waiting who felt the same way.  I swear I heard snickering.

From Dublin we grabbed our rental car and drove toward Belfast.  I am the first to admit I don't like big cities.  With that in mind, you can probably imagine how much I loved the Dublin Airport and how much I enjoyed driving into Belfast to stay at a ritzy hotel near the Queen's University (with towels the size of dish rags, I miss those fluffy castle spa towels!).  Blah.  I was not driving quickly enough, dangerous enough, or even snarky enough.  I was honked at about three times and by the time we got to the hotel.   I wanted to just point the car in the direction of a small town and sleep in the car.  Arg.  True, I'm not giving Belfast it's due.  I'm sure it's a lovely town.  We did walk through the museum, which had a little bit of everything.  And we walked through a pretty garden.  But, thus far, Ireland isn't as cool as Scotland was.  The people are downright mean...I spoke to the shuttle driver and he ignored me.  I can only imagine he didn't understand a lick of English.  Yep, that's it.  Oh well.  Can't make everyone swoon over my pearly whites.  (Or can I?)  

I'm hoping tomorrow is better, as we head out of Belfast for the day to tour Giant's Causeway (the fourth greatest natural wonder in the UK and the most popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland...oh please help me!)  and other attractions within a day's driving distance.  One more night in Belfast and then we head to the country, where we spend the next 8 days exploring the coastline and hitting all the small towns I've dreamed about.  I am giving Ireland a chance to redeem itself.  But just so you all know, thus far, Scotland is better.   (I can almost see you shaking your head in shame right now...did she really say Scotland could be better than Ireland? Augh.  What the hell is she thinking?)

I heart Scotland.

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