Nov 9, 2011

Ireland/Scotland: 11.9.11: Killarney, Ireland and Dingle Peninsula

Dingle Peninsula
Dingle rocks.  From Killarney we headed to the Dingle Peninsula (instead of the Ring of Kerry, which is a top tourist thank you).  Dingle was awesome.  I found some cool new purses, a sweet sandwich, and some great views.  Jen is raving about the views..which are good...but since we’re from Oregon, our coast is pretty fricking fantastic as well, and I kept screaming, “GET IN THE F N CAR!”  whenever she wanted to dilly dally with her photos.  You see, Jen’s ego has grown to dynamic proportions as far as her photography skills are concerned.   Every time one of you freaks and or geeks make a comment on her photo of the day I get to hear about it for the next ten hours.  So, please, stop commenting.  Just look at it, bask in the glory of Ireland, but keep your traps shut.  I don’t know how she’s going to fit in the car for the airport unless we all work together and just say, “Yep, nice photo.”  Keep it simple.  Try it with me.  “Yep, nice photo.”  Enough of the “oooh that’s so beautiful” and “oooh is that real?”  Just repeat, “Yep, nice photo.”  Really, you’re doing me a favor.  And her.  You do want her to come back to the states, don’t you? I am not paying extra for a seat for her head.  So, again, “Yep, nice photo.”  No fanfare, no long pauses, no ooohs and awwwws.  Just “nice photo.”  

A stern lecture from Jen after climbing over the fence...buzzkill...
In other news, Jen ate mussels for dinner again (alternating between mussels and seafood chowder day after day) and I complained at dinner (as usual).  This time, my complaint was no bbq sauce.  But, I made due with ketchup (seemed sacrilegious) on my pork ribs...yep, I FOUND RIBS!  And holy crap, were they good.  So to all you haters who have been thinking I’d never be happy, think again.  Of course, I am still never going to be satisfied with a whole lot of other things...but my dinner, well, to quote your favorite fruitcake, “Winning!”  And, FYI, there are a lot of people who eat the same thing over and over.  It’s not that unusual...geez.  
Some of the cats at Inch Beach.
One thing I should share with you is the lovely beach at Inch.  Yep, Inch Beach.  In the parking lot were about 15 or so cats. Orange tabbies, to be exact.  Poor little buggars must have been dumped there..and although I wouldn’t walk across the street to help a cat out of a tree, these little guys were adorable.  I gave them my milk and donuts while Jen sat in the car and waited patiently (or not so).  The cats were cute but all I could think of was that no one loved them.  So sad.   Everyone needs someone to love them.  Even a dingy little throwaway cat.  And especially a bitter, cheeky, old maid...luckily this one has her Trout.  So, Smith family, get ready to lose a fish!  Four more days.  (Oh and don’t you dare call me bitter or I will cut you.)   

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