Sep 17, 2018

Springfield, MO - Day 3 . AFTER the Royal Haunted B & B September 16, 2018

Rushed out of the Kansas City Speedway/American Royal parking lot and drove three hours to stay the night in a "haunted" B & B called Walnut Street Inn that sits in downtown Springfield, MO. If any of you have read this blog before, you know my friend Jennifer and I take a haunted tour most Halloween' I thought in order to get in the spirit, I may as well partake upon a haunted night's stay here in Missouri.

Rosen Room

The Walnut Street Inn is a quaint little place that was built in mid 1890. The current owners don't mention anything about hauntings on their website and any reports of ghosts is clearly missing from the B&B's guest logs. There are some torn out pages in the log, adding to the mystery of the place...but alas, in all the photos I took, I didn't see one orb.  So either the ghosts that are there are quiet, or the place is not dusty at all.  You be the judge.

Rosen Room near the door

Bathroom in the Rosen Room

What I can tell you about the place is that it's incredibly clean and has a lot of original aspects still in place. There are three rooms on the 2nd floor, where the Rosen Room is located. Near the back is a steep set of stairs that lead to a back door that guests use after hours.

Siting Room on the 2nd Floor
There's a lovely sitting room on the second floor that all the rooms open up to...and it's clean and cozy.  No really my cup of tea, as I'm totally not into "house" history as much as I'm into serial killers and graveyard history...but my first thought upon seeing the Rosen Room and the decor of the house was that my friend Jennifer's mom would LOVE the place.

The rumor of a haunting was apparently started when someone was staying in the Rosen Room and they saw a woman sitting at a desk who was dressed in Victorian clothing.  The guest told the woman it was his room and she replied it was hers...then she disappeared. Staff reportedly have seen a woman in Victorian dress as well...but it's all hush hush and since it was, I didn't mention it to the friendly hosts so I got no first hand knowledge.  I'm annoying enough without asking about ghosts and murders everywhere I go.

Haunted or NOT? The bottom line is this: you know when you step into a room and it gives you chills...or you feel like someone is watching you...and the hair on the back of your neck stands up?  I would have loved to feel any of that after driving three hours from Kansas City to spend the night in the Rosen Room. Instead I heard the creak of the stairs as we climbed to the second floor...the product of original floors in a 1890's home. I heard the drip of water in the bathroom, the guests above me walking and talking, and street noises as people drove past the Inn. I'm not going to say it's not haunted...but I will freely admit if it is, the ghost are quite shy and are harmless.

In fact, I didn't get that creepy feeling in any part of the house. And you can bet I got up around 3 am and walked around, floors creaking under my feet, and also snapped some photos in my room at that time...but nothing. And trust me, as much as I pretend to be a ghost hunter, if I felt even a little uneasy in the place, I would have high-tailed it to my car and slept in the back seat like a scared little girl who's just saw her parents having sex. 

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