Aug 13, 2011

Ride Log 13: Day 12

Current Location:  Ontario, OR
The past is but a memory...and another shack
Miles from home:  415 miles
Distance from Torrey, UT:  603 miles
Food:  Left over ribs from Utah and Cheetos (I've slipped since Texas)

From Torrey, UT I let Hank (the GPS since the bike is Runkle) tell me where to go.  I ended up riding west on 24 to Hwy 89.  This stretch in Utah was much better than the Arizona portion.  Curves,  farmland for views, and small quaint towns blessed the path.

More of this view to look forward from Torrey, UT on Hwy 24 toward SLC.  

Highway 89 between Richfield and Provo, UT:  Not bad at all!
Hwy 89 fed into the interstate (15 then 84) for hours and hours.  The interstate is a great way to travel if you're into traffic, wind, construction and large towns.  Awesome.  The only good thing I found about the stretch of interstate through Salt Lake is the HOV lane and the fact that the interstate allows you to completely bypass the city.  However, Hank (GPS, keep up, people) led me astray (even on the interstate) and I ended up doing a few loops in a part of town before finding my way back to the interstate.

I thought about stopping in Twin Falls, ID for the night (430 miles from Torrey, UT) then thought if I could make Twin Falls I could certainly make the other side of Boise (only 129 miles farther).  Once I got to Boise I figured the Oregon border was only about 60 miles more so I may as well make a run for it.  It didn't hurt that my dog sitter was sending me texts showing photos of Trout buddied up to her kids. Nothing motivates a dog mom (me) like seeing your only child loving someone else.  (Trout the traitor)

Around 7:30 PM I crossed into Oregon and wondered if I should just keep going.  Ontario, OR is right on the border and it's not the nicest of places.  Last year we camped in an RV park that was the worst place I've ever seen.  I still have nightmares.  I filled the tank and headed to the Budget Inn since it looked inexpensive and was near the gas station.

I parked outside and walked into the Budget Inn to be greeted by a nice man who's first question was "What year is that bike?"  It made me wonder if he was asking for resale value.  I got a room anyway and once inside realized I'd have been better off at the RV park.  The nonsmoking room had cigarette burns on the carpet and blankets.  The AC was a wall unit from circa 1970 that was loud and only had one speed.  The toilet didn't flush right.  I actually put my own pillow on the bed and pulled the comforter off completely, wondering how many cooties were on it.  The headboard hit the wall with every movement (I didn't even want to think about that) and towels were off white/tan (and not on purpose).  As I moved my stuff inside a praying mantis decided to hang out on the door, giving me a glimpse of the bugs I could look forward to.

I thought about leaving, just packing up and heading to a campground then I thought about the last 600 miles (and my aching hands and my iron butt that is NOT iron at all) and figured I'd sleep well, regardless of my surroundings.

The next day I was headed to LaPine to stay with the parental units...a fresh bed, a hot tub, a deck and two dogs to greet me.  I was almost home and the one thought I had was I hope I don't get in a wreck this close!  (Paranoia really never leaves, does it?) 

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