Jun 10, 2012

Day 5: Nashville, TN: Ryman and the best concert ever!

CMA's.  Skylar and I have decided the CMA's are a combination of quite a few different places and events:  Vegas, a rodeo, and a cheesy state fair.  There are all shapes and sizes here...and most of the people are either 25 or  65.   That means we're in the minority...and perhaps should wait awhile before coming back so we can age appropriately (or is that mature appropriately?).   The one thing about Nashvegas that I'm not impressed with is the fact that so many people smoke.  Smoking is great, I encourage everyone to suck on a cancer stick...but really...do you have to do it in the stadium while sitting in your seat?  Maybe take that accelerated wrinkle machine to the smoking area.  I personally don't need any help with my wrinkles. Or with my cough.

We started the day with a stint at the Opry's Ryman Theatre where they stack you inside on wooden benches like sardines.  If you are lucky enough to have a extra ticket like we did, you can at least get some elbow room.

We stopped for lunch at Paradise Park Trailer Resort which is on Broadway.  Skylar tried some Frito Pie which she liked (I think only because she's finally found a dish she can cook).   PPTR has the BEST burger in town.  It's a thick, juicy, delicious burger that is a must have.  It's open until 4:00 AM (gebus!) so even if you ate BBQ all day you can always go back for a burger before bed (like all self-respecting foodaholoics).

At LP Field today our little buddies from Idaho were very talkative.  Skylar has been teasing Idaho (white shirt) and California (who lives in Idaho but is from Cali originally), non stop about their electronics.  Idaho has a flip phone, which Skylar thinks is very entertaining.  Poor kid.  Idaho happens to work at Les Schwab which is an Oregon company, so he was impressed when we knew what he was talking about.  What a small world it is.   I happen to really dig both Idaho and California and they say I'm a lot nicer than Skylar, so they are obviously very intelligent.  

It's difficult to say who put on the best show today.  At first I thought Eric Church was unbeatable.  Then Luke Bryan bounced onto the stage.  If you'll recall, Luke was awesome at the CMT Awards...so when his performance at LP field was fricking dynamite, it pushed him into a much higher level. He is talented, entertaining, and by golly, that boy can dance.  Skylar started fanning herself when Luke did his first hip thrust and frankly, I think Idaho was frightened.  Luke should be.

Luke Bryan falling in love with me  (oh wait, it's the other way around)

Good times.  The weather is turning...rain tomorrow with 79 degrees...looking forward to something besides 90 degrees.  Happy trails, ya'll.

CMA Tip #3:  Stay away from drunk people and the possibility of projectile vomiting.

Artists from today:

Wade Bowen, Little Jimmy Dickins, Wynonna, Bobby Osbourne and the Rocky Tops, Mark Wills, Jim Ed Brown, Kellie Pickler, The Gatlin Brothers, Hunter Hayes, Kenny Rogers, Faith Hill, Love and Theft, Rodney Atkins, Little Big Town, Eric Church, Kip Moore, Luke Bryan

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  1. Hearing of how much people smoke in other states makes me especially appreciative of all the smoking bans in Oregon - especially in Corvallis.

    Now if I could just figure out how to confine my neighbors to the house with their windows sealed shut when they smoked so I could enjoy my backyard, I'd be set.



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