Jun 13, 2012

Day 8: Tennessee: Homeward Bound

Last day in Tennessee.    Skylar and I were both filled with longing to see our kids (ok, she has kids and I have a Trout, whatever).  I couldn't wait to pull into the driveway and have Trout jump on me and nibble on my sleeves (I have no idea why she does that but I KNOW it was cute when she was 8 weeks old...now it's less so).

Our flight didn't leave until 4 pm so after we loaded up the car and stopped to buy additional luggage (yes, AGAIN, I bought too much), we drove around aimlessly looking for a grocery store so we could buy ziplock bags.  I'd bought four pounds of brisket and a rack of ribs to bring back to Oregon but they didn't wrap it well enough for traveling.  I'm a pro at traveling with meat...that sounds wrong...and right at the same time.

While we looped around Nashville I drove past this bike that I was excited to see.  It combines two of my favorite things:  Volkswagens and motos!  Of course, I think I'd be a little embarrassed to ride on that baby.  The rider seemed very happy to see I was taking photos and I'll bet when he got home he told his wife about how I was checking him out.  Oh yeah.  Nothing like a volksmotostorage Harley.

After fueling up and finding the zip bags we still had some time to kill so we stopped by the Parthenon which is a full size replica of the one in Athens.  Ok, kind of cheesy, but the chances of me ever getting to Athens is slim, so Tennessee Parthenon will have to suffice.  Inside is a 42 foot statue of Athena.  I should have taken my photo with her, my arse would have looked really small.  Drat! Missed opportunity.

Skylar did stand next to the door so ya'll (that's Southern talk) could see how big the place was.

That's Skylar's ghost at the end, or maybe I cropped out a guy's head.  

Well, I was asleep by 2 am only to get a visitor at 8:30 am.  The lawn needs mowed, there are sugar ants that have suddenly arrived, and my house is messy.  Apparently my dog sitter had a few carloads of kids over while I was away so my booze is probably all watered down.  That's the one thing I'm most disappointed about...kids don't really appreciate a 12 year Irish whiskey (holy cow I've become my mother).

Although Nashville was so much fun, it is good to be home.  I can't wait for the sun to shine so Skylar and I can hang on her back deck in fancy lawn furniture and sip our Belle Meade Blackberry wine. And although we both have to face our own dramas here at home, I know coming home is worth it.  The Oregon rain is like no other, my Trout is the best Trout, and I am blessed, truly blessed, to have a friend like Skylar (who is a Troll).  

Home Sweet Home.

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  1. Welcome home. Hope your meat made it home okay and Trout didn't steal it from you.

    We have thought about getting a house sitter so we can be away from our cat for more than 4 days but it worries me having someone in our home. We have friends with kids but I am still leery.

    There's no place like home.



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