Jun 21, 2012

Runkle Doesn't Understand...or I'm losing my mind...

My Runkle sits in the garage, staring at me each time I try to sneak past to do laundry.  He asks why we aren't riding and where his friend, Cross, went.  I tell him Cross was fickle and he was never really a friend, just some person whom our paths intersected briefly.   Since that discussion, which frankly was pretty one sided, Runkle has stopped talking to me all together and instead sends dagger-like stares at me.  I'm thinking about putting a cover on him so I don't have to be reminded day after day that I let yet another moto rider slip away.

Runkle:  "Let's go there!"
Runkle doesn't understand that we meet so many riders, we enjoy each and every one for the seconds we wave, the minutes we speak, the hours we share stories, or the days we ponder riding...but the few who stay are special.  Runkle misses Ely and Mr. Cool Drink of Water.  He misses strangers at rest stops, sandwich shops, gas stations and campgrounds.  He longs to lean on his stand next to a sexy Honda CBR or a 1200GS.  Runkle yearns to ride the dirt roads with a fun dual sport at his side, or perhaps mosey along a deserted rural road just following the river with a Triumph Daytona.  He misses the freeway, the bi way and the highway.

And clearly it is my fault Runkle sits and dreams instead of experiencing his bliss.  Runkle doesn't understand that life is not only about doing things you want to but also doing things you need to do...like working or doing homework.   Runkle asks why I need a Masters degree anyway...and this time, I truly answer back, "I have no idea."  

Runkle is wearing me down...his cold engine makes me chill.  Slowly I am coming to realize that sometimes when you hear, "Everything will work out okay" that really means you will eventually be ready to give up everything you thought you wanted, stood for, and were, in order to become something else. That what makes it okay is that you aren't living in fear of what you are giving up, but instead looking forward with excitement at where you are going.  Perhaps when you reach that point you can be free, really free, to experience new wonders and to look at the world in a way you have never thought of before.

Runkle just wants to ride...Runkle doesn't understand...time is precious...and gone in an instant.  

Maybe it is me who doesn't understand.  

Be safe all of you...whether I once shared roads with you, met you briefly, or not at all.

1 comment:

  1. Awww sad Runkle.

    Life can definitely get in the way of riding. All we can do is ride when we can and enjoy it while we do. Hopefully if the rain lets up you and Runkle can get out for a quick moto around the countryside.



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