Oct 16, 2016

Road Trip 2016: Atlanta to New Orleans

It's time for another road trip vacation!!!!   Jenn and I are headed southeast for Halloween....instead of someplace warm full of free unlimited drinks we're chasing the ever elusive ghost and goblins of Halloween past.   Hurricane Matthew and flooding be damned!

Our trip will be something similar to this:  

We fly into Atlanta on October 19 and from there, a quick ride past some filming locations for the Walking Dead (cause I'm forcing Jenn to do so).  She'll be excited to see Rick's house and the hospital where Rick lay in a coma at the very start.

We'll be staying in some haunted hotels and plantations, take a ghost tour in a hearse, visit some voodoo shops, get our cards read, drink some Hurricanes and hit as many bbq joints along the way as humanly possible.  And of course, eat a lot of local favorites along the way.  Peach cobbler, crawfish, alligator, rabbit, whatever it is, we'll eat it.   Or at least order it.  We'll visit some historical sites (because Jenn is making me) and in New Orleans, we'll be in cemeteries, haunted homes...and walking in the footprints of serial killers.  All while trying to stay out of jail.   Seriously, if anything happens, I'm pointing the finger at Jenn.    It's her fault.  She made me do it.  Just like always.

At the end of our trip, we'll spend four nights in New Orleans watching Halloween festivities from our hotel balcony on Bourbon Street.   I've picked up an awesome tavern wench costume just in case (no, I didn't just grab something out of my closet, it's an actual costume).

Prepare to be entertained and scared at the same time.   And please, start saving your spare change for bail money, just in case.  

The countdown has started...T minus two days!!!!!

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