Oct 22, 2016

RT 2016 Day 3: From somewhere to Augusta, GA

First, let me tell you the main theme in Augusta seems to be, "Why did you come here?"   Which makes me wonder why did we come here?  It's great not being the planner since I just point to Jenn and ask, "Why DID we come here?"  Sitting in the bar at our home base for tonight, the Partridge Inn, we talked to the bartender, AJ, and made friends with a few other ladies who were drinking profusely.  Most everyone we met is here for a wedding.  There are two going on in this haunted hotel this weekend.  So obviously, when we started talking about the reported ghost on the premises, the wedding entourage was paying attention. 

A long long time ago in this exact location, a young bride to be named Emily was in room 425 dawning her white flowing frock, readying herself for her handsome groom who was on his way via horseback.  This groom, who apparently isn't worthy of a name in the history books (so I'm calling him Garreth), was almost to the Partridge Inn when a helpful stranger mistook Garreth for a rogue Confederate soldier.  And shot him, killing him almost instantly.  Yes, follks, it's a fairy tale gone bad, but I'm sure you knew that otherwise Ms. Emily wouldn't be haunting the hotel. 

Ms. Emily's room
Of course, Jenn, being the ever curious ghost hunter, decides to go find Emily.  We go to the 4th floor and she starts snapping photos at the end of hall so she can later look for orbs.  She and snaps and eventually gets to room 425.   Jenn takes a picture and then POW!  The door opens....and instead of Ms. Emily, out comes the lady sleeping in room 425.  I'm pretty sure Jenn peed a little, but publically, she just turned and walked away.  No Ms. Emily. 

Ms. Emily would later come in my dreams.  I'm sure Jenn thought I was crazy when I woke up and said, "Don't open the door for anyone, not even Ms. Emily".  Doubt me, fine, but I thought a warning was in order. 

I had dreamed Jenn opened the door for Ms. Emily and instead, a large man (coincidentally, the one who told us the ghost story) was standing there with two petite women.  They asked to come in so they could tell us more stories when suddenly they grabbed Jenn, threw her down, and started sucking blood from her thighs and neck.  Of course, I ran out into the hallway and was face to face with another man, AJ the bartender, who pushed me back inside the room and made me watch as Jenn slowly died.  AJ turned me into a vampire (I'm apparently more entertaining than Jenn) and I'm sure I started working at the hotel.  So, the only thing I can think of is the entire hotel actually has vampires working here and at night, they prowl the halls and kill guests.  Pretty sure it would have happened had I not been warned by Ms. Emily.  Yep.  Pretty sure. 

Bon Air low income jail...I mean apartments

Back to reality, after our failed ghost hunt, we risked our lives and went across the street to check out a former famous Bon Air Hotel that was built by the Vanderbuilts.  Once, this was a majestic piece of architecture with white marble entrance, pool in the front, and many, many rooms.  According to our new friends (not the vampires but the hotel guests and AJ who may or may not be a vampire), this is now a section 8 housing complex.  WTF.  Everything worth anything was sold off....but still, we wanted to check it out.  

It went something like this:

We walk up the huge front lawn and see a few shady looking characters standing by the front doors.  I keep walking, slip right past them and walk inside, Jenn trailing a bit.  We get inside look around, and shockingly, no marble, no beautiful anything.  Just tile and tan walls leading toward long non-descript hallways.  There were some people playing a card game off one of the rooms at the entrance...but other than that, it resembled an inner city  shelter.  Jenn says, "I wanna leave" and I look at her as if to say, "We haven't even started exploring". 

If you would have seen the look on Jenn's face, you would have left too.  She looked ready to bolt.  So we left.  As we walk away she tells me she was afraid.  Of what?  The people inside.  Not ghosts.  Real people.  She did a little research and apparently the Bon Air has a reputation for gang wars and shootings.  Who knew.  I'm sure the Vanderbuilts are rolling in their graves.  And this morning Jenn tells me that was EXACTLY the type of place her Mom told her NOT to go. 

This morning's convo:
Jenn  "I feel like we've been eating really healthy, besides the meat, and it's time for the fired portion of our trip."  

Me:  "We've been eating healthy?"

Jenn, "It's time for fried crap.  Fried okra, fried green tomatoes, fried shrimp, chicken fried steak."

I swear, Forrest Gump is my travel buddy. 

Ok, we're off to Charleston for some artery clogging food. 

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