Oct 23, 2016

RT 2016 Day 4: Augusta, GA to Charleston, SC

Somewhere along the path to Charleston.  Not sure if this is hurricane related or just bad luck. 

Made it to Charleston, SC.  Saw a few bits of destruction on our way here which were nature's way of telling us all to watch our backs.  Other than that, it was an uneventful drive.  We did skip breakfast since Augusta seemed a little bland.   Big mistake, going the route we went, there weren't many choices.  Hardys and Subway plus a few bbq stands along the road were the only food sources in sight.  And when I say bbq stands along the road I mean a dude sitting in a lawn chair with a bbq next to him.  No signs, nothing but smoke coming out of the bbq and a fold up table with napkins.  It was too early in the morning for BBQ (yeah, even in my world there's a TOO early for bbq time) so we ended up finally seeing a McDonalds around 11:00 am after I'd already gobbled down a solitary piece of white bread we found in the back seat.  Maybe the morning bbq wasn't such a bad idea, come to think of it. 

Toured Magnolia Plantation outside of Charleston...nice house and beautiful (and famous) gardens. 

In Charleston, we hit the Market Street area and went on a carriage ride.  That was enough history pumped into my veins to last me a lifetime.  Some beautiful homes, a hell of a lot of churches, and a few graveyards welcomed us to the city.  Of interest was rainbow row, which is a row of houses painted bright colors that makes the street look festive.  Joke's on the tourists who buy shirts and key chains showcasing the area, as our guide made sure to tell us the area was basically full of brothels. That story actually made me WANT to buy a rainbow shirt. 

History tour over, we stopped at Charleston Crab House for dinner.  Jenn didn't get her wish of fried food but instead ordered a pasta with fish...that probably was made with two full cubes of butter based on the liquid in the bowl.  I ordered a sample plate with cheesy mashed potatoes, crab, shrimp, grits, and crab cakes (shaped like an actual patty unlike the crab balls from earlier).   It was pretty good, but I'm not a seafood person, so I'm not sure if it was great. 

Some nice shops, lots of stuff no one needs, and a lot of accents to be heard.  We do a ghost tour of a jail next, so we'll see how scary and frightening that is.  I'm guessing anything with the word "tour" in it is probably pretty mellow, but Jenn the ghost hunter is ready to go and find some spirits.  Maybe we'll get our cards read.  I've never done that and would love to know if my future holds a divorce decree.   

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